WhoopTee Giveaway!

Have you heard about WhoopTee.com yet?  You can design your own tshirt on their website for a huge number or just a one off!  My friends Rachel and Sara have both collaborated with them to do giveaways, so I was pumped when Jeremy & team contacted me.  He asked if Brian and I would be interested in designing one each and doing a giveaway.  We said yes very fast then got to designing!

Here's how you can enter:
  • Go like WhoopTee on Facebook, then leave a comment on this blog post letting me know if you would like to win Brian's design or mine! This may be a contest between Brian & I...
  • If you want another entry tweet about this giveaway & leave a comment with your Twitter handle :)
  • You have until Tuesday the 29th to enter!  The giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry).

Good luck! xo, Mallory & Brian!


  1. Mallory I totally pick yours! Sorry Brian! Mallory wins! ;) I love this joint project.

  2. I'd pick Brian's--but only because my complexion looks so "off" next to pink! What a cute project!

  3. I'd totally want Mallory's shirt, but I'll take either! I tweeted this: "http://mallorymakesthings.blogspot.com/ has an awesome giveaway right now!" and my handle is @ladycabinet

  4. Oooh, lovely! I love them both, but I think I'd like Brian's best.

  5. I like Brian's _ I might look a little funny with Mallory's

  6. Tweeted! https://mobile.twitter.com/lennyg10/statuses/294128459305869312

  7. I don't have a facebook, but if I did I would like Wooptee! I like both of yours but I would pick Brian's simply because I would like it for my husband. :)


  8. I like them both, but if I had to choose one, it would be Mallory's. Sorry Brian.Love,


  9. Hey! I like them both too much to choose. so, you pick!. also, i'm tweeting now. 8) @allisonisthird

  10. These are so great. Tough choice but Mallory's heart gets my vote!

  11. Replies
    1. Michelle you won, and I haven't gotten an email from you yet. Email me soon so I can have your shirt sent your way! thanks! mallorymakesthings@yahoo.com

  12. That sweet {and slightly sneaky} heart on Brian's shirt steals my heart. So...that one! <3


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