Adventures with Madison

This past weekend I had the privilege of babysitting my boyfriend's little sister, Madison.  Who doesn't love a little girl time?  First, we hit up Target and someone said they needed to have the mini version of my heart sunglasses, and at $4 I had to oblige :)

After Target we thought the park was a good idea, but it almost always is. Someone took maybe 4 photos of me then said "I don't like being a photographer, I'd rather be the model."  I guess that's fine though because who wouldn't fall in love with her little freckles and dimples.

Since we were two girls at a park we decided picking wilflowers was a great idea too.  Madison ended up with a handful of the teeniest flowers ever!  We had a great afternoon until Brian got off work, then we all had an even better evening playing mini-golf, mini-bowling, and getting frozen yogurt.  Some days are just perfect.
Love, Mallory & little Madison


  1. Aw, this is sweet. She's adorable.

  2. Thank you Mallory! You are the best! She adores you. I am so lucky that she has you to look up to.


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