Post Christmas Calm

 As a child, when Christmas was over your heart was a little broken, right?  Now After Christmas is over I tend to bask in the calmness and happiness of being with loved ones.  Those fuzzy feelings aren't very photogenic though, so I'll show you some of the thoughtful gifts I received instead. Above is the Printstagram that Brian made of his Instagram photos of moments we've shared this year.

Brian and I both got snazzy new watches from my parents.  I also got a Deathly Hallows ring from Brian's mom & a Copeland record from Brian!  LOVE!  OH, I also got an Instax wide from my mom, but I need to get some film.

Hope your holiday was also lovely and filled with warm fuzzies!  Love, Mallory :)


The Season in Instagrams!

I warned you here that I was a little Christmas crazy.  I realized today that my Instagram feed was living proof.  Here are some of the special memories and vignettes from my life this season.

Life is good, and I love you guys!
xoxo, Mallory


Merry Christmas

 What we wore...
Brian: shirt, shoes, and sweatshirt - Target, jeans - Old Navy
Me: sweater - vintage, dress - H&M, boots - Nordstrom Rack

 A few weeks ago Brian and I snuck up to Lebanon, Ohio to Antique shop for Christmas.  When we parked next to the old railroad station we decided we should take some photos.  We also decided that we should count one as our Christmas card to you lovely readers.  So, Merry Christmas a few days early from us.  We love you!

P_aSWU on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Also, if we could high five all of you we would do that, too!
:) Mallory & Brian too!


Brittany's Wedding

 Yesterday my big sister Brittany got married to her prince charming, John.  I forgot to take the nice camera, so here are some of my personal favorite photos gathered from my phone, John, and my Aunt Helen.  The ceremony was at Cincinnati Music Hall and the reception was at The Redmoor, an old theater.

The rehearsal was so much fun.  My nephew and cousin carried a banner and decided that during the practice run it should be held in their sweaters... not their hands.  So cute!

We had some time to hang out between the salon and "go time," which was very nice and relaxing.  We had to keep the kiddies calm with iPhones and iPods.  Then the vows were said, the couple was pronounced, and the partying commenced.

I'll share better photos when the professionals arrive.  Thanks for bearing with my bad photos to share in my happiness.  Love, Mallory



Hi guys!  So this week is a big week.  On Monday I started a new free-lance job (love it) at My Habit as a styling assistant.  It's a flash sale site of designer goods.  I mean really, who doesn't love designer goods at less than half the price?

In even more exciting news my sister Brittany is getting married Saturday!  Actually I need to go alter my other sister's bridesmaid dress and hem my own.  So, bye for now!

Love you all, Mallory

P.S. My iPhone menu button isn't working.  So, my Instagram and Twitter are a little quiet for now.


Winter Goals

Today, I read Emma's post about turning a rough time into a time to better yourself and fulfill goals.  That Emma is a smart girl.  Now,  I'm not going through a rough time, but I do still have some goals for this winter.  She inspired me to make a list of my goals to accomplish in the evenings during co-op this winter.  Most have been on the list forever because I tend to think there is 40 hours in the day rather than 24.

1. Draw up a Noah's Ark tattoo for Brian.  He's been asking for months, plus I just put him through modeling.

2. Design Lauren's wedding invites, programs, etc.
(also, check out that rock, TJ did good! Stole this photo from her facebook)

3. Draw/Paint more.  Sell some?!
4. Design some accessories

5. Spend time with family
6. Blog Makeover!

Well I have more like cleaning my car and room, but that's not exciting.  Hey, and thank you for being such incredibly supportive readers.

xoxo, Mallory


Tailoring Project!

Today was the very last day of this quarter!  Everything has been presented and turned in.  These pants and this jacket are the crowning glory of this quarter's work.  The jacket required more hand stitching than I have cumulatively done my entire life.  Brian can vouch for how many hours went into it because he very patiently waited and napped through almost every second.  Let's just say, I have a very large amount of respect for tailors now.

So, last Friday was my big critique and I received the score today of 4.68 of 5!  WOO HOO!  Yesterday I talked Brian into modeling one more time so I could have some photos to share.  Then Dexter decided he wanted to join our photoshoot.  I obliged and decided to take some of him, too!  Two cutie models :)

Tonight I am going to watch a movie without sewing at the same time, and go to bed early.  It will be glorious!

:) Mallory


wardrobe Pictures- On the Go!

A few weeks ago I wore this outfit to run errands, go to class, and then go to work.  Working at a daycare means you need to have lots of mobility in your outfits, and no skirts.  Sometimes it means taking your jewelry off too, unless you want it ripped off.

Here are the details:
cardigan- AE supah ancient
necklace- vintage
top- NY & Co.
belt- NY & Co. ancient
pants- H&M 

Thanks to my mom for taking these in the backyard before I had to rush off! Best mom ever.

I have a few more assignments to turn in and 1 exam this week.  Next Monday I start my new job at Amazon's My Habit photo studio.  I must say I am scared straight, but I'm certain I'll love it once acclimated.  I'm also very excited that I won't have to move to another state for this job!  Yay for fun jobs and family/friend/boyfriend time!

Life is good.
♥ Mallory


Little Things: Maid of Honor?

My best Friend Lauren asked me to be her maid of honor last week!  She and her fiance T.J. ambushed all of the wedding party with heart shaped cookies with tags that said "Will you be my ______?"  I love her so much, and can't wait to help plan all of the details that need planning.  She already has a dress, and I'm in love with it!  Little things like this make life worth while.

xoxo, Mallory

p.s. I had my tailoring critique today.  I was really pleased with the outcome!  I'm going to photograph it this weekend to share with you!