Tuesday Tunes - 3.15.14

There was SNOW this morning!  To perk you all (and ourselves) up, here are some perfectly upbeat summertime tunes!  xoxo, Mallory & Brian

San Cisco - Wild Things

The Lighthouse and the Whaler - Venice

Vandoinmessico - In Spain


In the Shop Mallory Studio

Things have been busy and incredibly productive in our studio lately!  My mom & I have finished all of our samples except the 3 that need the fabric I designed.  I'm picking that up at the local FedEx tomorrow morning.  We just got a new cover stitch machine to hem knits.  I'm all nerdy excited about it.  We have a photoshoot scheduled for Monday with Rudy Harris & T.J. of Tandem Productions is shooting a behind the scenes video!   I'm feeling so excited and hope you love our designs as much as we do!  I'll share some previews ASAP!


Shop Mallory - New Skirts

I just listed some adorable blue polka dot skirts in my store!  They were made by Team Mallory (aka my mom & I) in the Shop Mallory studio, right here in Kentucky.  They're sized by waist measurement & there are limited quantities, so get them now.  Especially since you have 2 more days to take advantage of my FLASHSALE!  This is just a little preview before my spring/summer fashion line arrives in full.  ♥ Mallory

--- Also wearing shirt from H&M, Fossil watch, & Target boots.


Tuesday Tunes - New Favorites!

Hello friends.  Today is a beautiful day.  Baseball started this week, one of my favorite bands released a new album, and an even more special band is reuniting.
Manchester Orchestra - Top Notch
Their new album just dropped today, and it is a lot heavier than their last, Simple Math.  I enjoy that.

Copeland - Ixora
Yes, Copeland is reuniting.  The teaser they posted is wonderful.  I went ahead and pre-ordered the album on vinyl.  My estimated ship date is October 15th so that's a bummer, but at least we're getting an album.
P.S. from Mallory --- WEEEEEEE!!!!! NEW COPELAND!!!!



Use promo code: FLASHSALE for a massive 40% off in the ShopMallory.com store from now until Friday night at midnight.  Get shopping while there are still products in stock!  Also, visit my Instagram @mallorymakesthings for a contest for free goodies!  xoxo Mallory